Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WWE Pays Tribute to the late Paul Bearer?

Undertaker pays tribute to Paul Bearer
photo credit: wwe.com
I wasn't at all surprised to see the tribute at the start of last night's "Monday Night RAW" for the late Paul Bearer. The show starts off with the biggest star that Bearer managed, The Undertaker. Taker made his way to the ring where the urn that Bearer was notorious for carrying, was set up. Undertaker proceeds to get on one knee in that famous pose of his, in honor of his late manager.  What happened next...sort of surprised me and to be honest...made me a little mad. CM Punk's music hits the arena and he comes out, interrupting what really was a touching tribute. I'm not blaming Punk because we all know, the wrestlers just do what they are told. I just want to know who, in the back thought that Punk didn't have enough heat on him, that he needed to go out and ruin a serious moment. I know, WWE used to be all about pushing boundaries but this is really pushing it. CM Punk is a great heel and I really don't see why the writers (or whoever came up with this idea) thought the Punk/Undertaker match at Wrestlemania wasn't already a huge deal.

On a much lighter note, a great moment came on last night's RAW when the extremely ridiculous character of Fandango came out to tell Tensai to pronounce his name correctly or he wouldn't wrestle him. Man, this is getting stale real fast. The good point came when Fandango brought attention to Naomi, saying he wanted her to say his name since she was the only one there with "...any rhythm and talent" and then saying she was "better than all this". Is this a hint that they will eventually start using Naomi more? I really hope so! I'm a huge fan of hers!!! Naomi is extremely talented and I can't wait to see her wrestle more!!!
Could Naomi be on her way up!?
photo credit: wwe.com
Cody wants no part of Brock Lesnar
I didn't think I would be pumped as I was to see the New Age Outlaws wrestling again. I'm sure it's a short-lied reunion though, seeing as they are in the Lesnar/Triple H feud. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were out last night to wrestle Rhodes Scholars when Brock Lesnar's music comes on. I loved the look on Cody Rhodes' face, like he was thinking,"Oh no! We're out!" haha As expected, Lesnar takes both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn out with an F5, leaving them laying on the mat as Paul Heyman tells the WWE Universe that Brock has accepted Triple H's challenge at Wrestlemania but only if they get to pick the stipulations. Sounds good up until Heyman says that they won't reveal the stipulations until AFTER Triple H has signed the contracts!!! Say WHAT!?

Lesnar responds to Triple H
photo credit: wwe.com

Monday, March 11, 2013

Former Knockouts Declining TNA Knockouts PPV

Angelina Love, Traci Brooks and Awesome Kong
TNA Wrestling is having an all Knockouts pay-per-view called, "One Night Only: Knockout Knockdown". They have been contacting former Knockouts to appear at the ppv where they will crown the "true 'Queen' of TNA".

Monday, March 4, 2013

RAW Goes Old School 3-4-13

Oooooo...chills! Monday Night Raw's Special "Old School" episode starts off with "The Phenom" himself, The Undertaker coming out onto the rampway and he holds up his hands for the Wrestlemania logo to appear on the TitanTron. For weeks now, it has been "will he or won't he". It only makes sense for The Undertaker to be at Wrestlemania but I really hope that they don't end his streak!
Photo credit: wwe.com

Thursday, February 28, 2013

WWE Diva Naomi: Feb 18, 2013

Ok...so why isn't this girl wrestling more!? That was more of a "joke" question since who wrestles isn't up the the wrestlers. For real, though...I wish WWE would allow Naomi to wrestle more. She was one of my absolute favorites on the Divas NXT. If AJ didn't win, I was cheerin' on Naomi.

She has spunk, a great look, athleticism and she can actually wrestle. Take for example her appearance on RAW on February 18, 2013. She was in a tag match with Brodus Clay and Tensai vs Primo, Epico and Rosa. The match was kind of short but it was exciting. When Naomi got in, she shined! I usually HATE any move executed by a Diva that involves her butt (Eve's booty pop, Kelly Kelly's Stinkface, Brooke's "Asstastic" etc) but Naomi really rocks her "Booty Call" move.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Is PG Era the problem?

What a show! In case you missed RAW tonight, you REALLY missed a good one! It's shows like this that I miss! There were a few matches here and there that I could have done without but man, were there some AMAZING spots!

The first 15 minutes alone were.....WOW! This is the stuff I miss seeing! First off, I knew the whole Paul Heyman/Vince McMahon showdown wasn't going to turn into a real fight. I mean, McMahon just had freakin' HIP REPLACEMENT surgery! I winced and felt nauseous every time Heyman hit Vince with the crutch! Eeekk! That made me squirm like whoa! haha Then Brock Lesnar comes out...yeah, I saw that coming but what I didn't expect was Triple H!!!! I'm telling ya, try your hardest to skip those spoiler sites! I had no idea Triple H was going to be there and I had MAD chills when I heard his music!

Triple H and Brock get into a "little scuffle" (sarcasm, cuz it was CRAZY) and Triple H throws Brock into the ring post splitting Brock's head open! He was bleeding like crazy! I can't believe they allowed the cameras on him as long as they did! Then Triple H throws him into the post again and it doesn't look like Brock puts his hands up or anything. That looked painful! Eeep!
Is PG the problem?
photo credit: wwe.com

The WHOLE crowd was on their feet! This is the kind of stuff I miss in old WWE. I'm not saying that they HAVE to have blood on the show. I'm just saying that they have lost their edge and tonight definitely showed how much the fans missed it.

Another huge highlight of the night was the match between John Cena and CM Punk. To recap, the winner of tonight's match would go on to face The Rock at Wrestlemania. Now...a powerbomb by Cena, a piledriver by Punk and then a hurricanrana by Cena...all in one match!? Also, the match was so back and forth that I couldn't tell who was going to win. That's another thing I miss...not being able to know who is going to win. CM Punk is my guy, so I was already into the match because of him but after seeing this match, I have soooo much more respect for the both of them. That was seriously a great match! Reminded me of why I love this sport!
piledriver and Cena does a hurricanrana!
photo credit: wwe.com

What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Let's talk about it! ;) Leave your comments below!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why do I like wrestling?

Besides some members of my family, I really don't know anyone who likes wrestling. WWE, especially is always showing those things like "this or that" is trending on Twitter, or has the most fans on Facebook, so I think I should at least know a few people in  person who likes wrestling...unless there are a lot of people who just don't want to admit it?

Every time any of my friends are over on a night that wrestling is on tv, they always sigh at me when I turn it there. I'm like, "HEY! I like it, alright!". One night, I believe I was watching Friday Night Smackdown and I had a friend over and she asked me what was so interesting with a show that was incredibly predictable, had men fighting each other in their underwear and pretty much only show women because of their looks. I sat there ready to defend my love of a sport that I have loved since birth....and I had no words!

Wrestling is a difficult sport to explain to a person who either thinks it's stupid or hasn't watched it for years. To answer the question ALL wrestling fans get...."YES! Wrestling is fake"...and by fake, I mean the outcomes of the matches are predetermined and some of the moves are way too flashy to be "real". However, these people go out every night throwing their bodies around and getting beaten up for OUR entertainment. So, keep in mind people, wrestling may be "predetermined outcome fake" but the risks are very real.

These days, wrestling is way too predictable. Depending on who is facing who, you pretty much KNOW who is going to win the match. For instance, if The Undertaker was going to wrestle Santino Marella....The Undertaker would be the obvious winner. Santino's character is almost complete comic relief. The Undertaker would NEVER be booked to lose against a character that draws less money than him. It's a business. I'd just like to not know who is going to win almost every match.

Speaking of only having women in wrestling who have good looks is sadly the truth. Not the complete truth though. Many of the women competitors in the WWE do have wrestling ability. I recently heard an interview with Michelle McCool talking about some of the "higher ups" in the back got mad when she and Melina had a match at a ppv because it "looked too good"! I'm serious! They said they didn't want it to look better than the guys! When I heard that, I seriously wanted to punch a wall!!! Why would the women having GREAT matches be a problem? Wouldn't that earn the company more money!? I just don't understand their logic!

So...sometimes, I just sit thinking why do I like wrestling? Why do I continue to watch it? Usually it's the usual,  "well, sometimes they do allow a good match now and then" or "I'm just hoping for the day when things change". So....why do you like wrestling? How can I cheer myself up for liking this sport?  Please, someone let me know!


Friday, February 22, 2013

NEW WWE Championship

I was beyond excited when I realized that the Rock was going unveil a new WWE Championship. Many, like me, weren't too fond of the John Cena Spinner Belt. I mean, come on...it only ever really looked somewhat "right" when it was around the waist of Cena. On anyone else, it just looked silly.

The New WWE Championship
Unveiling a new championship belt will always cause people to talk because you can't please everyone but I have just got to say that, so far, I am NOT a fan of this new WWE Championship. For one, it looks like there was no effort whatsoever into creating it. One main design on it and that's it. It's looks like a giant ring.

Seconds before Rock pulled of the red fabric, I said..."I'm about to be really happy, or really pissed." and my sister said, "It better not have a Brahma bull on it".  Rock pulls off the fabric and I'm just sitting there, not really sure what to think. Also, there are freakin' Brahma bulls on both side plates!!! WHY!?!?!? Ugh! Also, there is no nameplate. Unless, this design is going to have whoever is champion's logo on it. I mean, that's okay, I guess. I still don't like it.

 I mean, it's just plain. Nothing special about it all. It should look amazing! I mean, this is the highest championship of the company! To me, it looks like the people who decided it were lazy! Just like the WWE Tag Team titles...they look like giant pennies! Grrr.... and DON'T EVEN get me started on the Divas Championship!!! A freakin' BUTTERFLY!?!?!? It looks like a championship belt that should be owned by Barbie!

Tag Team "pennies"?
The Barbie Cha...I mean, Divas Championship
I wish I could smack whoever was in charge of these projects! Seriously....I just don't get it. I'm crossing my fingers that the new WWE Championship will grow on me and I'll start to like it. Please...please!!! Has any fan out there "designed" any belts that they think would look better? Specifically the Divas title?

Anyway...thanks for reading! I'm planning on writing on this blog every day now, so check back tomorrow to see what kind of things I rant about next! ;) Feel free to comment below! ;)