Monday, March 11, 2013

Former Knockouts Declining TNA Knockouts PPV

Angelina Love, Traci Brooks and Awesome Kong
TNA Wrestling is having an all Knockouts pay-per-view called, "One Night Only: Knockout Knockdown". They have been contacting former Knockouts to appear at the ppv where they will crown the "true 'Queen' of TNA".

Angelina Love
So far, I have heard of three former Knockouts that have been contacted and for whatever reason have declined the invite. One being former 5 time Knockouts Champion, Angelina Love. A fan asked Love on Twitter if she would be attending said PPV and she responded saying, "They asked me but I politely declined." I personally would have been thrilled to see Angelina Love back in TNA, as I have been a fan of hers since she started in TNA. It would have been a huge ratings draw to see her team up with former "Beautiful People" teammate, Velvet Sky.

Traci Brooks
Another Knockout to decline the PPV invite was Traci Brooks. She too was asked on Twitter is she would be attending and replied, "...I won't be there I had to decline, this time!" By the sound of it, Traci maybe has prior engagements. I personally wasn't a fan of Traci's but it would have been cool to have one of the "early TNA" Knockouts there. :(

Awesome Kong
Third Knockout to decline the offer was 2 time Knockouts Champion, and one of my personal favorites, Awesome Kong. Same as Brooks and Love, Kong was asked on Twitter if she would be attending and she wrote, "Nope! Declined offer". Awesome Kong did an interview with website, "Diva Dirt" sometime last year where she said that wouldn't return to TNA and it looks like she meant what she said.

With these 3 big former stars of the Knockouts division not attending, I am curious to see who they actually get to return for the PPV. There are a few that they can invite that could still drawn money and who I'd like to see are: Alissa Flash, Serena Deeb(she participated in Awesome Kong's $25,000 Fan Challenge in 2008), Hamada, Christina Von Eerie, Roxxi, Daffney(though I'm not sure she'd agree to appear), Sarita and Ivelisse Velez(crossing my fingers that she'll be there!!!!).

Who are you hoping shows up!? Feel free to leave your comments below! :)


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