Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AJ Lee's Kissing Another....

Ok, so how many other guys are they going to put AJ Lee with!? I mean, Dolph makes guy number 5...just this YEAR!!!

First, there was Daniel Bryan....which was cool because this is when the whole "crazy AJ" kinda happened. That's when her obsession started. Then, there was the hilarious kiss with Kane. I loved that one! She's all skipping around him and then...BAM....jumps on him and plants a kiss on  the Big Red Monster! :) Then...another good storyline was when she kisses CM Punk before pushing him through a table.

Next was John Cena, after Vickie Guerrero tried to get AJ fired for "having an inappropriate relationship with a WWE Superstar"...or something like that. Anyway...that kiss lasted freakin' FOREVER! haha Then comes the TLC pay-per-view when AJ cost John Cena the match. So...now she is with Dolph Ziggler. On the Live SuperSmackdown tonight, Dolph and AJ were pretty much making out in the middle of the ring.

Keep in mind, all of this has happened in one year! Is that the only storyline that they can put AJ in? I mean, she is an amazing wrestler and she is a good talker...so she is more than capable of handling something that doesn't involve a male! It was fine the first couple of times but now it's just getting tiresome.

We'll just see how this goes...but I really hope that she will be put in a title scene very soon. She can really pull the Divas division out of it's slump. Here's hoping!


Friday, December 14, 2012


I'm a huge fan of the new faction in the WWE called, "The Shield". A group consisting of members, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. I love this group as a whole but I also like each man individually.

Let's start with Roman Reigns. I feel like he doesn't say much so he's almost like the silent enforcer. A tall enforcer with killer looks! I mean, come on ladies, he is gorgeous! ;) Alrighty...back to the important things. Roman is the largest man in the group and can handle the larger opponents. Also, it may be unknown to some of you that he actually has wrestling in his family. His father is Sika of the "Wild Samoans" and the brother of former WWE Wrestler, Rosey. So...the man has wrestling in his blood.

Seth Rollins is probably known by some for his time in Ring of Honor. He has been wrestling since 2005 and on a side note, I can't help but think of CM Punk when I see him. They look like they could be brothers. I swear, when I watch Rollins wrestle, I wonder if it's really CM Punk. Their movements and style are quite similar and they have the same body type. Just watch this video on YouTube. Not that anyone really watches NXT anymore but Rollins was the inaugural NXT Champion, defeating Jinder Mahal.

Last but not least, we have Dean Ambrose. He's like the "mouthpiece" of The Shield. He does most of the talking in their promos and to be honest, I think he's pretty dang good at it. To me, Ambrose is a bit scary. The looks he gives makes him seem unstable and I love it! That is the kind of feeling you should have when you are dealing with a heel character. Ever since I first saw him as part of The Shield, all I could think was "old ECW". You know, when ECW was "E"CW. He just has that dangerous look and feel about him.

Photo Credit: wwe.com
All of these guys are in their mid-20s so I feel they have a long future, if the WWE doesn't "eff" up The Shield like they did "The Nexus". What are your thoughts on The Shield?


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Cody Rhodes' mustache....yeah. I do NOT like it! Cody does not have the kind of face that requires a mustache. It just does not fit! I knew I wasn't the only one who thought it was weird looking when I heard the crowd chanting, "CODY'S MUSTACHE!!! CODY'S MUSTACHE!!!" The thing needs to go...like now!!!!

On the other hand, whenever I see him now, I automatically see Rick Rude! Please don't throw things at me for saying that. Yes, I think the "Dashing" One and the "Ravishing" One, look alike now. See, they even have nicknames that sound alike! I mainly wanted to post this to see if anyone else thinks so too! Come on, I can't be the only one!!!

Take a look here:
I mean, it isn't an exact look-alike but they look so similar it drives me crazy!!!

What do you think?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Departing Beth Phoenix?

Rumors have been circulating recently that WWE Diva, "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix will be leaving the WWE next month. This will be a huge blow to the division as Beth is one of the best female competitors on the roster.

photo credit: WWE.com
September 28th's episode of Friday Night Smackdown featured a long awaited match between The Glamazon and friend, Natalya. Obviously going in, I was excited to see this match.  Beth even took to Twitter saying that the match was the "highlight of her career". Both women are phenomenal in the ring and unfortunately underutilized. It takes more than one talented wrestler to put on a good match and so two gifted talents made one heck of an entertaining show!

I would love it if Beth decided to stay in the WWE and for them to use her properly but it seems like the Divas are just a filler in the WWE with no real direction. It's a sad fact and hopefully if Beth does leave, she will get an appropriate sendoff and possibly an invitation for a return in the future.

What are your thoughts on the departing Glamazon? Comment below!!! 


Monday, July 9, 2012

First Post and Current WWE Divas

Hello all! This is my first post here on my new blog, "Girls Like Wrestling Too"! I used to have so much fun chatting with people all over the world about my love for professional wrestling on WWE's FanNation site. Then, it was closed down and I lost all those wonderful people. :(  So I thought it was necessary for my sanity to start a blog so I can do that again! :)

 Every day I go to the site Diva Dirt and read post after post from people who actually care about Women's wrestling. As it turns out, there are people out there who REALLY do care. The only thing missing from the wrestling companies today (especially the WWE) is their enthusiasm for their female wrestlers. It frustrates me to no end to know that the Divas are pretty much used as a "time filler". There are some extremely talented and passionate women on that roster who are being wasted!

You could easily say, "Oh it's no big deal, they can just go to TNA". Well, about 4 or 5 years ago, that would've been the case but TNA, in my opinion, has gone downhill since this time 4 years ago. :( Their women do get extra exposure and more airtime but there are more and more of them that some get pushed to the side. Just look at Angelina Love. Very sad. I don't know that we'll see her in the WWE.

Just to go through the WWE roster, let's take a look at the women who can put on a good show...

AJ- Let's start off with the top-Diva-of-the-moment herself, AJ. This pint-sized Diva has stolen the entire show!  She is good on the mic and actually sounds like she knows what she is talking about instead of reading a script which is how I feel any time Kelly Kelly speaks. Also...even though she is small in stature, AJ can wrestle! Her Shining Wizard is flawless. I don’t doubt for one second she can pull out a victory over her larger counterparts. And MAN...can that girl take a bump!!! If you ever watched Florida Championship wrestling during AJ’s time there, Wade Barrett did some commentary for a little while and called AJ a “Pocket Rocket” for her tiny size and ability to fly around the ring. I think it’s perfect. I was a fan of AJ’s in FCW and I’m DEFINITELY a fan now. I can’t wait to see what is in store for her future as a Diva.

Next is the “Glamazon” herself, Beth Phoenix. I understand that Beth has been in the WWE since 2006 and she’s had multiple reigns as champion but to push her to the sidelines is a big mistake. If you want the fans to appreciate the women in a wrestling company, there is no one better to look up to than Beth Phoenix. She is strong, beautiful and one of the best female wrestlers I have ever seen. Beth is great as both heel and face but to me, she fits in best as a heel because of her intimidating size and for goodness sakes, she was the second woman ever to compete in the Royal Rumble!!!!

This also brings me to Natalya. In my opinion, one of the most underutilized talent on the entire roster, male or female. She is not only a third-generation Superstar...she could have so much pull in the fanbase of the WWE. She is part of the Hart family which automatically gets her attention, she has gorgeous looks, and she can put on amazing matches. One of my favorite Natalya matches is Natalya and Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool and Layla in a tables, ladders and chairs match at the TLC pay-per-view. All four of those women put on a phenomenal show.

Speaking of Layla...she and Eve are a couple of my favorites for the fact that both came from the WWE Diva Search and both have become amazing wrestlers. I, myself was not a fan of the Diva Search but the fact that these two women came from there and actually worked hard at becoming good competitors makes me appreciate them. To me, Eve is one of the best because she can wrestle and on her own time has earned a blue belt from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. She is also good on the mic and has recently been able to draw great heat from the crowd. As for Layla, her current problem is that she gets no crowd reaction. She is the Divas Champion but because the WWE limits the women’s time and gives them virtually no storylines to work with, the fans don’t really care for her. She was doing fantastically with Michelle McCool as “Lay-Cool”. If only the Divas were given more time to wrestle. I mean, come on...30 seconds isn’t going to do anything for anyone.

Two females we haven’t gotten to see too much of are Kaitlyn and Naomi. Both were introduced in the Diva Season of NXT.  My pick to win that season was either Naomi or AJ. Kaitlyn won and we haven’t seen her much on RAW or Smackdown except for a couple times getting slapped by AJ. In the past few months, Kaitlyn has had some really great matches on the only shows Divas are able to shine, WWE Superstars and NXT. Naomi was debuted as one of Brodus Clay’s “Funkadactyls” which is fine because I like Brodus but I hate that Naomi’s wrestling talent isn’t being shown. Hopefully soon we’ll see more of Kaitlyn and Naomi...in matches. Well, maybe if we all cross our fingers? ;)

Last but not least, one of my favorite current Divas is Tamina Snuka, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. At first, she was not too great. You could tell she was still a little iffy about certain moves. More recently she had a very short feud with Beth Phoenix and had a match for the Divas title in a losing effort. Those couple of matches that Beth and Tamina had were some of the best I had seen in a long time and it was so good to see the crowd so into a match, especially one involving the Divas. Why the WWE dropped the feud, I still don’t understand but Tamina is another Diva that the WWE should be looking to.

Alrighty, so this was a little bit longer than I anticipated and if you read all the way to the end...thank you!!! Now I ask you...who is your favorite current WWE Diva?