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RAW Goes Old School 3-4-13

Oooooo...chills! Monday Night Raw's Special "Old School" episode starts off with "The Phenom" himself, The Undertaker coming out onto the rampway and he holds up his hands for the Wrestlemania logo to appear on the TitanTron. For weeks now, it has been "will he or won't he". It only makes sense for The Undertaker to be at Wrestlemania but I really hope that they don't end his streak!
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CM Punk is now out with Paul Heyman talking about taking on the streak. CM Punk is my absolutely favorite wrestler but please....PLEASE do NOT end the streak! I think The Undertaker should retire with a perfect record for Wrestlemania! Now Randy Orton is out saying he should face Taker. Oooo...I'm calling "Triple Threat, TRIPLE THREAT!"....Ugh....Big Show is out now. I'm sorry but I cannot stand Big Show. Guess Triple Threat idea is out.

I'm loving the whole "Old School" set! The blue mats, the old school music, the stage, the metal barricades, the announcers clothes and the referees wearin' the bow ties!!! LOVE IT! Definitely feeling a bit nostalgic! My favorite thing has to be the entrance ramp. With the TitanTron sitting on top of the large "RAW". I was talking to my friend, Dean and it gave us both that old "dark feel" to it. Makes us miss the old RAW. I'm telling you now, if you were never part of the old WWE/WWF, you missed out! Especially the Monday Night Wars....AHHHH! They were the BEST!!!
Old School Set
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Mark Henry vs Zack Ryder? Hmmmm....I wonder who is going to win this match? Ugh. Why did they just drop the ball with Ryder?!? He was doing so well in that little Eve/Cena/Kane feud. He had an amazing YouTube show, "Z! True Long Island Story", until it became a part of WWE's YouTube. I used to watch every episode and then when it became a part of WWE's stream of Video Series, it kinda became lacked what Zack made special. Ryder should not have been pushed back to jobber status but unfortunately it looks like that's the case.

Oh my gosh, did you hear that crowd when The Miz won with the figure four! I miss those kind of crowd reactions! :(

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Out comes the Rock. HAHAHA Rock: "Sweet Harlem Shaking Honey Boo Boo it's COLD"!! He's the best! I'm still not sure if I like that new WWE Title. I think it has grown on me a little bit but I still don't "love" it. The idea of Rock vs Cena II at Wrestlemania certainly isn't that exciting in my opinion but Cena and Rock just had an amazing segment. I really can't tell who will win at Wrestlemania but I think it would be kind of dumb for The Rock to lose the new title that HE just debuted but I can see them having Cena win finally against Rock. I'm still torn.

Ok, so what really was the point of Jack Swagger beating up on Jim Duggan, Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter? What a waste of time. I thought it would be cool if he went after Dusty and then Cody and Goldust came out together...but that wouldn't work if they want to keep Cody as a heel. That would have been cool though, especially since it was "Old School RAW".

No wait....a real waste of time...that would be Fandango! Ugh...I'm kinda hoping this character will just fade away. *crosses fingers*

Mmmmm....The Shield promo! What is it about Dean Ambrose that I LOVE so much!? I mean, aside from the fact that he is AH-MAZING on the mic and is a fantastic wrestler! Every time I see Dean, I think of him as a mix between Heath Ledger's Joker and Brian Pillman! Anyone else?
The Joker, Dean Ambrose and Brian Pillman

So....Punk vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29? That's cool. I LOVE the Undertaker and CM Punk is my guy...but for months, I have been hearing rumors that they want more heat on Punk so they plan to do that by having him end the Undertaker's streak! I really hope that doesn't happen! PLEASE DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!!!
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It was an ok RAW. It kinda felt a little sloppy and as an advocate for women's wrestling, I can't believe that with a 3 hour show, they can't take 10-15 minutes to make a Diva's match or create a storyline...nothing! Ugh! It's so frustrating! I'd say this show was about a 7 out of 10? Your thoughts?

Another note: Check out my friend, Dean's site for all your geek needs! :)


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