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WWE Pays Tribute to the late Paul Bearer?

Undertaker pays tribute to Paul Bearer
photo credit: wwe.com
I wasn't at all surprised to see the tribute at the start of last night's "Monday Night RAW" for the late Paul Bearer. The show starts off with the biggest star that Bearer managed, The Undertaker. Taker made his way to the ring where the urn that Bearer was notorious for carrying, was set up. Undertaker proceeds to get on one knee in that famous pose of his, in honor of his late manager.  What happened next...sort of surprised me and to be honest...made me a little mad. CM Punk's music hits the arena and he comes out, interrupting what really was a touching tribute. I'm not blaming Punk because we all know, the wrestlers just do what they are told. I just want to know who, in the back thought that Punk didn't have enough heat on him, that he needed to go out and ruin a serious moment. I know, WWE used to be all about pushing boundaries but this is really pushing it. CM Punk is a great heel and I really don't see why the writers (or whoever came up with this idea) thought the Punk/Undertaker match at Wrestlemania wasn't already a huge deal.

On a much lighter note, a great moment came on last night's RAW when the extremely ridiculous character of Fandango came out to tell Tensai to pronounce his name correctly or he wouldn't wrestle him. Man, this is getting stale real fast. The good point came when Fandango brought attention to Naomi, saying he wanted her to say his name since she was the only one there with "...any rhythm and talent" and then saying she was "better than all this". Is this a hint that they will eventually start using Naomi more? I really hope so! I'm a huge fan of hers!!! Naomi is extremely talented and I can't wait to see her wrestle more!!!
Could Naomi be on her way up!?
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Cody wants no part of Brock Lesnar
I didn't think I would be pumped as I was to see the New Age Outlaws wrestling again. I'm sure it's a short-lied reunion though, seeing as they are in the Lesnar/Triple H feud. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were out last night to wrestle Rhodes Scholars when Brock Lesnar's music comes on. I loved the look on Cody Rhodes' face, like he was thinking,"Oh no! We're out!" haha As expected, Lesnar takes both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn out with an F5, leaving them laying on the mat as Paul Heyman tells the WWE Universe that Brock has accepted Triple H's challenge at Wrestlemania but only if they get to pick the stipulations. Sounds good up until Heyman says that they won't reveal the stipulations until AFTER Triple H has signed the contracts!!! Say WHAT!?

Lesnar responds to Triple H
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A quite surprising event last night was the return of the Bella Twins! They appeared backstage in a segment with Kaitlyn, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. I had no idea Nikki and Brie were coming back but recent rumors are now circulating that the WWE want more women on tv and with a small Divas Division, they are contacting former Divas. We'll see later whether or not these rumors are true but it was cool seeing the Bellas back. Now let's just hope Kharma comes back too!!! :)
The Bellas are BACK!!!
Later in the night Kane had a match with CM Punk after Punk's actions earlier in the night, when he disrespected Paul Bearer. It was a pretty good match and Kane ended up winning. Undertaker came back out on the stage ramp and did another tribute pose as Kane mirrored him in the ring. Punk jumps in the ring with the urn and hits Kane in the back of the head. Undertaker comes down to help only for Punk to escape with the urn. I mean, it would have been cool and all if a man hadn't really lost his life. Sometimes, I just really don't understand WWE's reasoning with some storylines. It did get some powerful heat for Punk from the crowd, so I guess they succeeded. 

Last tribute to the late, Paul Bearer
photo credit: wwe.com

Punk escapes with the urn

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts on last night's RAW?  Did they go too far? 


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