Thursday, February 28, 2013

WWE Diva Naomi: Feb 18, 2013 why isn't this girl wrestling more!? That was more of a "joke" question since who wrestles isn't up the the wrestlers. For real, though...I wish WWE would allow Naomi to wrestle more. She was one of my absolute favorites on the Divas NXT. If AJ didn't win, I was cheerin' on Naomi.

She has spunk, a great look, athleticism and she can actually wrestle. Take for example her appearance on RAW on February 18, 2013. She was in a tag match with Brodus Clay and Tensai vs Primo, Epico and Rosa. The match was kind of short but it was exciting. When Naomi got in, she shined! I usually HATE any move executed by a Diva that involves her butt (Eve's booty pop, Kelly Kelly's Stinkface, Brooke's "Asstastic" etc) but Naomi really rocks her "Booty Call" move.

Naomi's "Famous Flair Flip"
Then she does what I call, the "Famous Flair Flip" when she flips over the top turnbuckle. Right after that awesomeness, she does a springboard crossbody onto Rosa! I mean, this woman is freakin' amazing!!! Then, just when I think she is done, Epico runs in and she hits him with a hurricanrana!

Naomi does a Springboard Crossbody
The match as a whole was very exciting but the real star of the match was Naomi. I'm crossing my fingers that they are trying her out with the crowds to move her to more matches. When she was on NXT she was really over with the fans so she could be a real draw.

What are your thoughts on Naomi?


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