Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why do I like wrestling?

Besides some members of my family, I really don't know anyone who likes wrestling. WWE, especially is always showing those things like "this or that" is trending on Twitter, or has the most fans on Facebook, so I think I should at least know a few people in  person who likes wrestling...unless there are a lot of people who just don't want to admit it?

Every time any of my friends are over on a night that wrestling is on tv, they always sigh at me when I turn it there. I'm like, "HEY! I like it, alright!". One night, I believe I was watching Friday Night Smackdown and I had a friend over and she asked me what was so interesting with a show that was incredibly predictable, had men fighting each other in their underwear and pretty much only show women because of their looks. I sat there ready to defend my love of a sport that I have loved since birth....and I had no words!

Wrestling is a difficult sport to explain to a person who either thinks it's stupid or hasn't watched it for years. To answer the question ALL wrestling fans get...."YES! Wrestling is fake"...and by fake, I mean the outcomes of the matches are predetermined and some of the moves are way too flashy to be "real". However, these people go out every night throwing their bodies around and getting beaten up for OUR entertainment. So, keep in mind people, wrestling may be "predetermined outcome fake" but the risks are very real.

These days, wrestling is way too predictable. Depending on who is facing who, you pretty much KNOW who is going to win the match. For instance, if The Undertaker was going to wrestle Santino Marella....The Undertaker would be the obvious winner. Santino's character is almost complete comic relief. The Undertaker would NEVER be booked to lose against a character that draws less money than him. It's a business. I'd just like to not know who is going to win almost every match.

Speaking of only having women in wrestling who have good looks is sadly the truth. Not the complete truth though. Many of the women competitors in the WWE do have wrestling ability. I recently heard an interview with Michelle McCool talking about some of the "higher ups" in the back got mad when she and Melina had a match at a ppv because it "looked too good"! I'm serious! They said they didn't want it to look better than the guys! When I heard that, I seriously wanted to punch a wall!!! Why would the women having GREAT matches be a problem? Wouldn't that earn the company more money!? I just don't understand their logic!

So...sometimes, I just sit thinking why do I like wrestling? Why do I continue to watch it? Usually it's the usual,  "well, sometimes they do allow a good match now and then" or "I'm just hoping for the day when things change". So....why do you like wrestling? How can I cheer myself up for liking this sport?  Please, someone let me know!


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