Monday, February 25, 2013

Is PG Era the problem?

What a show! In case you missed RAW tonight, you REALLY missed a good one! It's shows like this that I miss! There were a few matches here and there that I could have done without but man, were there some AMAZING spots!

The first 15 minutes alone were.....WOW! This is the stuff I miss seeing! First off, I knew the whole Paul Heyman/Vince McMahon showdown wasn't going to turn into a real fight. I mean, McMahon just had freakin' HIP REPLACEMENT surgery! I winced and felt nauseous every time Heyman hit Vince with the crutch! Eeekk! That made me squirm like whoa! haha Then Brock Lesnar comes out...yeah, I saw that coming but what I didn't expect was Triple H!!!! I'm telling ya, try your hardest to skip those spoiler sites! I had no idea Triple H was going to be there and I had MAD chills when I heard his music!

Triple H and Brock get into a "little scuffle" (sarcasm, cuz it was CRAZY) and Triple H throws Brock into the ring post splitting Brock's head open! He was bleeding like crazy! I can't believe they allowed the cameras on him as long as they did! Then Triple H throws him into the post again and it doesn't look like Brock puts his hands up or anything. That looked painful! Eeep!
Is PG the problem?
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The WHOLE crowd was on their feet! This is the kind of stuff I miss in old WWE. I'm not saying that they HAVE to have blood on the show. I'm just saying that they have lost their edge and tonight definitely showed how much the fans missed it.

Another huge highlight of the night was the match between John Cena and CM Punk. To recap, the winner of tonight's match would go on to face The Rock at Wrestlemania. Now...a powerbomb by Cena, a piledriver by Punk and then a hurricanrana by Cena...all in one match!? Also, the match was so back and forth that I couldn't tell who was going to win. That's another thing I miss...not being able to know who is going to win. CM Punk is my guy, so I was already into the match because of him but after seeing this match, I have soooo much more respect for the both of them. That was seriously a great match! Reminded me of why I love this sport!
piledriver and Cena does a hurricanrana!
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What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Let's talk about it! ;) Leave your comments below!


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