Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AJ Lee's Kissing Another....

Ok, so how many other guys are they going to put AJ Lee with!? I mean, Dolph makes guy number 5...just this YEAR!!!

First, there was Daniel Bryan....which was cool because this is when the whole "crazy AJ" kinda happened. That's when her obsession started. Then, there was the hilarious kiss with Kane. I loved that one! She's all skipping around him and then...BAM....jumps on him and plants a kiss on  the Big Red Monster! :) Then...another good storyline was when she kisses CM Punk before pushing him through a table.

Next was John Cena, after Vickie Guerrero tried to get AJ fired for "having an inappropriate relationship with a WWE Superstar"...or something like that. Anyway...that kiss lasted freakin' FOREVER! haha Then comes the TLC pay-per-view when AJ cost John Cena the match. So...now she is with Dolph Ziggler. On the Live SuperSmackdown tonight, Dolph and AJ were pretty much making out in the middle of the ring.

Keep in mind, all of this has happened in one year! Is that the only storyline that they can put AJ in? I mean, she is an amazing wrestler and she is a good talker...so she is more than capable of handling something that doesn't involve a male! It was fine the first couple of times but now it's just getting tiresome.

We'll just see how this goes...but I really hope that she will be put in a title scene very soon. She can really pull the Divas division out of it's slump. Here's hoping!


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