Friday, January 25, 2013

Smackdown 1-25-13 and Other Ramblings...

I really enjoyed watching Smackdown tonight. I was actually looking forward to it. It's been a very long time since I have been excited to watch wrestling. The main thing that had me interested to watch was, "The Shield". I have literally spent the last two days looking all over the internet at all things Dean Ambrose (or Jon Moxley, whichever you prefer). I do believe I have become obsessed...not in the stalker-ish kind of way though, no worries. ;) He is a very talented talker. His promos are beyond greatness! These past two days I have searched YouTube for his promos and matches and got stuck on Tumblr looking at Dean Ambrose tags. I think I may need an intervention. lol ;)
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I've read others and heard others compare Ambrose to The Joker. I think that is a perfect comparison. His mannerisms and everything. His voice, to me, is a mixture of Michael P.S. Hayes and the guy from "America's Most Wanted", John Walsh. Maybe you all feel differently, I don't know. Just what I think. 

Back to tonight's Smackdown. It is really a shame that they are totally misusing Natalya. Who does her being Khali's "girlfriend" benefit? Not Khali and certainly not her. She is one of the best female wrestlers they have and yet, they never know how to use her. I mean, I guess being Khali's girlfriend is better than that stupid "farting" gimmick they put her in a while back. It was good to finally get to see her wrestle tonight. What drives me crazy is they brought her out to Khali's theme music and when she won, they again played his music. Ugh! She has her own! Why they feel playing his was a good idea is beyond me. 

Best In The World!!!
On to my man, CM PUNK!!! Punk is the perfect "entertainer". I say this because not only does he look good but he also has amazing wrestling abilities and his promo skills are off the charts! Easily, one of my favorites talkers. Being a wrestler, excuse me...."sports entertainer" is more than the ability to wrestle. You have to have presence...and CM Punk has that! Personality is a huge factor. That's why I really love Dean Ambrose too. He definitely has "presence".

Daniel Bryan is on!!! Love me some Daniel Bryan! This gimmick they have with Bryan and Kane is hilarious and I like it a lot but I hope they start doing something more and better with Daniel. What I'd like to see is Daniel being in a consistent and interesting feud with someone and him having some "epic" battles. We all know Bryan can fight. I just wish he was in a more serious role. 
Hug it out boys! ;)

Last thing I felt like mentioning was how glad I am to have JBL back on commentary! He always ends up saying something hilarious. My favorite line tonight was, "We got a knocked out goat". haha Oh that JBL. Daniel Bryan really does need to cut his beard or hair...either one...or both. haha 

Alrighty, well if you are reading this...thank you for reading to the end. Sorry I tend to ramble on forever! Thanks again! I'm thinking I might start blogging after every episode of wrestling. Not sure yet if I'll do it or not. Just a thought. ;) Thanks again for reading! Feel free to leave me your thoughts or complaints! ;)


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